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Sorry about the delay

It's my final year of college, and I've taken on more than I ever have before! I have my internship, all of my classes, soccer, RHA, trying to have a social life, going home to work on weekends, Art and Literary Magazine meetings, meetings, meetings-- I'm drained! What's going onnn man!
Everything's going REALLY well with my internship and classes, but by the end of my day I'm exhausted by 11. Today I just HAD to get this page done, and I'm dying of sleep deprivation as I write this at 1 AM.
So I'm going to update on Tuesdays. Maybe a second page on Sunday, but don't wait up for it.
Thanks for all the patience I've received! I love this webcomic and I love all the webcomics I follow-- but I gotta get school done first. It's a pain, but it's my last year. Gotta make it count!
See you all next Tuesday~!

posted by Redwyvern @ September 26th, 2012, 12:09 am  -  0 Comments

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