Age: 14

Rikito is the son of the village of Selthtia's strong female leader and a chill father. Growing up, children often bullied him and put him down. Coupled with his parents' constant fighting, Riki finds himself drawn to the darkness of the woods. Despite being terrorized by his peers, Riki is a nice kid and is outgoing when he feels comfortable. He only wishes to have a friend he can talk to.


Age: Unknown

Kosoko is a demon from the demon village of Valefor. He doesn't speak much of himself or his background. For whatever reason, he decides to save and befriend a human boy, Rikito-- his reasons are unknown.


Age: 27

Daichi is a demon, also from the demon village of Valefor. Despite coming off as scary and intimidating, he actually is a goofball, not taking much seriously. He seems to have history with Kosoko.

s p o n s o r s

a f f i l i a t e s


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